Sunday, December 4, 2016


Finally, something she stitched recently!

My husband is an avid waterskier.  We live on a waterski lake.  One of the residents has friends who are professional waterskiers and one of those has given my husband and his buddies free lessons.  Since the pro refused payment, they wanted a special gift for him.  Hubby volunteered my services!  The photo to the right is the result.  I've been working on this off & on since about the first of Sept.  I had hoped to have it done by the end of Oct., but, oh well, life got in the way.  
It will go into a tray.

Many years ago I stitched a waterskier for DH.  So I had a sort of pattern.  This time I wanted it to be even more abstract.  Below is the original I did about 15 years ago. 
I like them both!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More Framing

More framing!
I had these two framed alike and they hang together as you see them.
The top one is Tony Minieri's Stars for a New Miullenium.
The bottom one is Pamela Gardner's From Molehill to Mountain.
I used my own color scheme for both of them.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mystery Retreat FRAMED

I finished the project from the 2012 Mystery Retreat (Portland) this year.  Come on, it's only been 4 years!  Anyway, I finally got it framed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I'm Baaack

Did you think I would never post again?
Well, the remodel is mostly done. A few oddball items are hanging out there, but everything is fully functional and beautiful.
My hand is still stiff and I can't stitch as much as I used to, but I am stitching again.
I can't show you what I'm stitching on quite yet, but in the meantime...

I've had a few things framed.
This piece is a really old one, stitched in the 80s, that I recently had reframed. It sure did rejuvenate it!  I love it all over again!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


I have nothing to show you, but thought I should explain why I haven't posted for so long.

The kitchen & bathrooms remodel is coming along nicely.  We mostly have full function in the kitchen again, except for the stove.  That was supposed to have been hooked up on Friday, along with a bunch of other electrical stuff.  However, there is a HUGE fire south of us.  It is far enough away that it is not a concern, but on Friday it caused a lot of road closures and the workers couldn't get here!  So, everything got moved forward to Monday and after.  Sigh. 

As for the fire, it is between Carson City and Reno and as of last night was 20% contained.  More rain today so that should help and the high winds have died down too.  Hopefully they will get a good handle on it today.

To complicate things, I had a procedure done on my RIGHT (dominant) hand and have been unable to stitch for weeks.  I had/have Dupuytren's Contracture and decided to get it fixed before it got any worse.  Well, it was already pretty "worse" and the healing time is much longer than I expected.  I can stitch a little now, but get tired and achey quickly.  I'm not real keen on working on anything "important"!!  I am getting therapy now, 2X/week, so maybe things will move along a little faster.

Anyway, I'll be back soon I hope.  Thanks for sticking with me!  And if any of you have experience with Dupuytren's, please let me know about it!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gardener's Alphabet G Final

The G is in its tray.  I'm quite pleased with the way it looks!

I may not post again for a week or two (three?) because we are remodeling the kitchen and 2 bathrooms.  (Don't worry we have a third that we will use!)  Demolition begins tomorrow and we will be without a functioning kitchen for 3-4 weeks.  We are setting up a temporary "kitchen" in the Master Bathroom!  I just keep reminding myself how beautiful it will be when it's finished!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Gardener's Alphabet G Finished

The commissioned letter G is finished.  I hope to get it in its tray in the next few days.
The border worked out well, although I had a scary moment when I thought it didn't fit right.  Turned out fine!
I left the center of the G with open canvas as I thought the compensation of the Reverse Scotch would just make it look messy.
I'm very happy with the way it turned out!