Friday, May 9, 2014

Trellis of Dreams by Ruth Schmuff

Why not start yet another piece!  You can never have too many WIPs!

This is Ruth Schmuff's "Trellis of Dreams", a pattern I've had for quite some time.  I decided to do this because I wanted something smallish for when I go out to stitch somewhere that a large piece isn't comfortable to work on.  
I have changed the colors slightly, but not dramatically.  Mine are perhaps a bit more vivid.  This is a charming little piece, just enough challenge without requiring tooooo much thinking :-) .  Here's my progress to date: 


Sharon said...

I also had this pattern languishing in my stash and just finished it in Feb. I did mine in aquas / blues / greens from a Waterlillies skein called Peacock. I love your colours too!

Jan said...

Love the colors you are using so far. And it seems to be moving along quickly as well.