Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Suzy Q Progress Report #4

SuzyQ is nearly done! I finished the outer border yesterday and put in the diagonal strip, Neon Rays couched with #4 Kreinik. I have started outlining each area with back stitches in #4 Kreinik. Once that is done, the piece will be finished according to Ro's instructions. But I'm thinking that I might want to fill in around the large brown stitch patterns, maybe with cross stitch? Comments anyone?

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Anonymous said...

The decorative stitches are very nice, but having the empty spaces around everything gives it an incomplete design feeling. I don't know what color you are using to do the backstitching, but I'm hoping that it's a darker color to emphasize each of the squares. Maybe a medium color around most of the squares and then a darker color to outline the dark brown square. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.