Friday, September 28, 2018

Holiday Wreath, Finished

Holiday Wreath by Laura Perin has been almost finished for many months.  I learned that I absolutely cannot make a package bow with ribbon type needlepoint thread!  All I could get was a mess.  So I gave  up and decided to just use charms.  Of course, then I had to find the charms!  And I wanted gold ones, not silver - mostly you find silver.  Anyway, I finally finished it last weekend!

Now I'm going to be forced to get a picture of the piece I've  been working on!!


Sara Leigh said...

I love the charms! They're much more interesting than bows.

Brenda's Needlepoint Studio said...

The charms are adorable and I love how you stitched the big bow.

Melitastitches4fun said...

Love it. The chart is in my stash. I haven't bought threads yet. And, like Brenda, I love the big bow. I wasn't keen on the long straight stitches with Very Velvet. Did you change any other areas? I'll keep my eye out for charms because they are cute and I expect bows would be difficult.