Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Menagerie, Blocks 1 & 2

Menagerie is the new Mystery Project by Karen Anthony through ANG's Cyberpointers chapter.  We are periodically given stitch types to explore & create a sampler.  We were given several designs to use, but I decided I only wanted to do 18 of the stitch types, so created my own design.  You can see the basted outline of my overall design in the photo to the right.  (You'll probably have to click on it to make it big in order to see the outlines.)

I have completed Block 1 (Hilton Stitches) and Block 2 (Rhodes Stitches).  I had a LOT of trouble working out the Hilton block.  I just couldn't figure out an arrangement I liked.  Finally, I used my Mad Miters (see below) technique to break up the block in an unusual way and used that to place the different stitches.  It worked!  Then I filled in a lot of the blank space with the Hilton Stitches called Theresicas, which is
kind of a pinwheel.  I haven't decided yet if I will fill in the background somehow.  I'll wait to decide that later.

Block #2 is Rhodes Stitches.  I only used 2 because I have done many Rhodes stitches over the years, beginning back in the 70s when I first discovered Mary Rhodes' books!  The picture to the right is a detail of the first 2 blocks.

I will decide later if I"m going to add an outer border, or inner borders.

Addendum:  The Mad Miters technique is part of the Mad Miters Bargello class that I will be teaching through ANGs Cyberpointers in a few months.  Registration for that class opens April 1.  The class is Bargello, but the layout technique can be used for many things.  Click the link above for information about the class.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Ok, explain the Mad Miters technique a bit. If you can. The arrangement is lovely and lyrical, so I have to know more! Lovely and Lyrical are things we all need in our stitching at least occasionally.