Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Caper, Finished

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

The Christmas Caper by Charley Harper is finished.  I love this piece - it is just sooooo cute!

The garland took quite a while.  The popcorn is French Knots in snow white Watercolours and the red balls are Neon Rays Rhodes variations.  The tree is in Arctic Rays and I added a few gold beads.  I found a cute little silver moon to hang in the night sky.  Using the glitter canvas, I didn't have to do the stars!

Now to try to get it framed in time to enoy some before Xmas!!


Jan said...

Oh I agree! They're just adorable!! Glad you have it done so you can enjoy it for the holidays.

Beth in IL said...

Great finish! You did a wonderful job.

NCPat said...

This is great!

KayTee said...

This is great! What stitch and fiber did you use on the brick?

LIZ said...

Thanks everyone!
KayTee the stitch is Alternating Oblong Cross and the thread is Watercolours 195.