Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace, Finished

Last week I finished Queen Anne's Lace. I made a few changes and completed the few stitches where I had run out of thread. The changes: I extended the background laid Accentuate all the way to the edge. I also filled in a couple of places in the corners that were blank. I didn't like the blank places! The space at the ends of the Double Fans I filled in with a Rhodes stitch. And the space at the corner below that I did a sort of Angel Wing on the diagonal. Ro gave me some help with that one! It was pretty tricky to figure out! I also added beads inside the Rectangular Jessicas in the center diamond. Now it goes in the To Be Framed pile! I doubt that I will get that done until I get back from Reno in Sept.

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BFromM said...

This is stunning!