Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where does the time go?

Well, I give up, what happened to October?  I swear it was just the other day that I got home from Seminar and here it is the end of October!  No fair!

We have had a bit of company and many activities and not all that much stitching!  And now we are heading up to our Reno house for a few weeks to get things set up for winter.  It is already getting cold at night up there!  I have packed far too many projects, but I do plan hope to get a lot of work done there.  I'll try to post some progress photos, but they may not be very good.  I think my only camera will be my phone or iPad.

Please check back next week & I'll try to get something here for you to see.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tiebele NIghts FINISHED

I know, I haven't been showing you progress photos.  Oh well, now it is finished.

Tiebele NIghts by Terry Dryden is now finished. 

I made a few changes.  I decided I didn't care for the yellow/gold parts, so I changed them to the salmon color.  Since the background of the center diamond was painted yellow, I stitched it with 071 #4 Kreinik, kind of a copper/black blend (this same color is used elsewhere but it is #12), in a 4-way Continental.  The yellow still shows through, but not so much. 

I used the brown/black overdye for the border. 

Thanks to Terry's generosity, I had plenty of thread for everything, even though I used a lot more than intended of some of the threads.  I did have to replace the bugle beads though because I wanted to do them all in one color rather than in 2 shades.  Fortunately, I had what I needed in stash.

Now I'm caught up from Seminar and back where I was before!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun with Fiber

The program for the last CyberPointers meeting was called Fun with Fiber.  Marilyn Owen designed and presented a scissors case and the idea was to experiment with fibers that you hadn't used before. 
I don't use scissors cases, but it was an opportunity to try out a new thread I had just received.  It is Dinky Dyes "Jumbuck", a new silk/wool blend that looked like it would work for Bargello on 18-count.  It does!  It is a lovely thread, hand dyed.  So it is like an overdye, but very subtle. As you might expect (smile), I started with 4 shades of aqua/teal.  It is quite nice to work with and I'm sure I will use it again.

I also used Waterlilies#197 Monsoon and an overdyed #12 Kreinik that I had laying around.  I did not make it quite like Marilyn's pattern.  Hers has a different pattern on the 2nd side, but I chose to just mirror image the Bargello.

Now, what will I do with this little project?  I had thought I might fold it in half & make a bookmark, but it is just too thick.  Any ideas?  It is only2-1/4 x 4-3/4.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Indian Summer FINISHED

Indian Summer by Laura Perin is finished!

I would have finished it earlier this week, but I ran out of the thread for the outside border!  I had about 1-1/2 sides done when I realized I didn't have enough.  If any of you are going to stitch this, I used 2 skeins of the dark green #3051 pearl cotton and 3 skeins of the tan floss #738.  Guess I'm just not a thrifty stitcher!

So now I have 2 pieces done in these colors.  I will do a 3rd, but it will be DebBee's Designs Diamond Delights 3.  Eventually they can all hang together.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Serengeti FINISHED

Serengeti is finished!  Whew!  I should never tackle Congress Cloth again!  
I ended up changing the Silk Lame Braid (light brown) to Vineyard Silk Shimmer in a dark brown.  The size and feel of the thread is similar, but I like the color better.
On the bottom row, large center block:  I got carried away when I did the (ahem) RANDOM pattern in green and went right across the next block!  Well, that block was supposed to be a another 2 rows of the green & black chevrons, so I just filled in with black so at least the colors are right!
Anyway, it's done now.  Onward & upward!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Indian Summer Progress #4

Indian Summer by Laura Perin is moving right along.  Each border gets longer so it takes more time to complete.

I did the 4 corners the other night cause I was tired of working on the border!  Then there are the center squares to do the next time I need a change!

I'm pretty sure there are 2 more borders, but they are both basically satin stitches in pearl cotton & should go fast.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Serengeti Progress #3

OMG, it's October already!
I am making considerable progress on Serengeti by Pamela Harding.  I'm getting tired of working on it, but I really want to finish it.  Looking at the picture, there is less left to do than I thought.  When working on it, it seems endless sometimes!
The colors & stitches are working well now.
The unfinished section on the far left will stay that way for awhile.  There are 2 areas of it that have long straight stitches and I'm not sure what thread I want to use.  I'm waiting till I get everything else done to decide.