Monday, March 26, 2018

2-4-6 Bargello

2-4-6 Bargello is the fourth in the series of instructions for Advanced Bargello Techniques and it is finally available on my website.

This technique teaches a way to create a unique, non-repetitive Bargello design without a pattern.  The picture shows the sampler project that is included.

2-4-6 can be used for just about any Bargello project, including 4-way, Rectangular 4-way, etc.  Even Mad Miters, if you're a little bit crazy!
The instructions include photos of different ways to use 2-4-6.

Remember, if you are using your phone to look at my website, you will need to scroll all the way down and click on "classic".

Friday, March 23, 2018

Indian Pot, Almost Done

Yes, it's almost done.  Just have to add beads.  I searched my stash this morning and may have found ones that will work.  If not, I'll be shopping at my LNS next week sometime.  I'm still really liking this piece!

I've reached a point on ALL of my WIPs where I need something from the shop!  Very annoying and I can't go until mid next week.  ☹

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My Needlepoint Journey, Part 2

Those of you who have been around as long as I have will remember that the early 70s were a needlepoint wasteland, especially as far as materials were concerned.  We had tapestry yarn, crewel wool, floss, and maybe Persian yarn.  Most canvas was 10-count mono or 10/20 penelope.  Metallics?  Not so much.  Overdyes?  Unheard of.  Silk?  I don’t think so.  I discovered smaller meshes fairly early on and began to use 22-count quite a bit, with crewel wool and/or floss.  I desired metallics and would use anything I could find – usually in the “craft” section, not the needlework section.  I still have some “unknown” metallic threads!  Approximately 1975 I discovered Elsa Williams tapestry yarn, crewel wools and metallics (only gold & silver). The tapestry wool and metallic worked beautifully on 13-14 mesh and on 18 for Bargello. The crewel wool for 22.  Those were my go-to threads for awhile, along with floss.

One of my more ambitious projects covered 1971-1974.  I saw an ad in a magazine for a kit for a floor pillow.  The design consisted of 4 squares, each one a different geometric design, all in the same colors, but a different color predominated in each square.  I loved the designs, but did not want a huge floor pillow.  Here goes the crazy part:  I charted out the designs by counting the stitches using a magnifying glass!  It’s not quite as bad as it sounds; the designs are 4-way symmetrical so I only had to chart ¼ of each!  These 4 designs became the seats on 4 dining room chairs!   All in tent stitches using wool tapestry yarn (I don’t remember the brand, but it was not DMC) on 10-count mono.  I still have two of the chairs and they still look great, with just a little wear at the corners.  By the way, those chairs are folding chairs too, which I got with Blue Chip Stamps.  Remember those??

Here they are in order of stitching.  I took the pix of the first 2 just now, the other 2 were scanned from snapshots.
71 & 72


73 & 74

I was very adventuresome at that time.  Mom got a pair of needlepoint slippers.  My husband got a Bargello vest (he wore it for many years).  I tried jewelry – petit point brooches.  And then,  I discovered Needlepoint News, ANG (joined),  and perforated paper, among other adventures.  More about that in the next installment!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Indian Pot Progress

I have gotten quite a bit done on the Indian Pot.  I am VERY PLEASED with this so far!! 

I was stuck for awhile when I got to the brown band.  I did not care for what the pattern called for.  I looked at it and fiddled around with stitches for days (weeks?).  Then I started researching Indian pots and I began to get ideas.  The diamonds are a Jessica variation from Carole Lake's book, Twisty Stitches (thanks Carole!!).  The zig zag is Smyrna crosses. Then I agonized over what color and stitch for the background of this strip.  That took several days...  I ended up blending 2 shades of floss and basketweaved it, then backstitched the dark brown lines with Kreinik.  I love it!

Now for the borders and background.  All I'll be changing of them is the colors.  I think!