Friday, February 19, 2016

Seasonal Geometrics

This design was an ANG Archives Project--Seasonal Geometrics, Autumn Palette Geometric by Debbie Stiehler. I've had this print-out for a long time and don't remember why or where!  Of course.

Anyway, it is the next to the last of the smalls that I'm doing.
I have changed this quite a bit.  It was supposed to be a 5" square and I only wanted a 4" square, so I left off most of the borders and added just a small Scotch stitch border to get it right at 4".  I also changed the colors completely and added Kreinik.  This uses the same colors as one of my other smalls and I will have them finished as a standup with one on each side.  

Sending smalls off to the finisher next week.  The next small I do will be one of my Bargellos and will be framed.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bag Ladies

Here is my next project.  I bought this Sunset Dimensions kit years & years ago.  I always intended to do it in needlepoint, not cross stitch.  At one point, I pulled a bunch of thread from stash and bought what else I thought I would use.  A few months ago, I cut a piece of gray canvas and found stretcher bars.  Now I'm about ready to begin! 

It will not look like the picture!  First, I will outline all the bags with a single strand of floss as guidelines.  The bags will all be done with Watercolours in decorative stitches.  I plan to stitch the bags first.  

For the kitties, I have a huge bag of thread!  Mostly Petite Very Velvet, Alpaca 18 and some Mohair.  I also have plenty of Impressions and Silk & Ivory in the cat colors.

This is going to be fun and challenging to stitch.  I hope to have something to show you in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Norwich Delight

For my next small project, I chose Norwich Delight by Beth Robertson.  This was ANG's Stitch of the Month project for Dec 1998.  It is very small, about 2.75" square.  Used overdyed pearl (called for Impressions), floss (called for silk), and Kreinik.  I only changed it a little bit!  This was super fast, I only worked on it 2 evenings.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Color Delights-Aqua Finished

Color Delights-Aqua by Kathy Rees is finished.  This was a quick & easy stitch, only 4" square.  I will probably have it made up with an easel back eventually.

Now to find my next "tiny project"!