Friday, September 28, 2018

Holiday Wreath, Finished

Holiday Wreath by Laura Perin has been almost finished for many months.  I learned that I absolutely cannot make a package bow with ribbon type needlepoint thread!  All I could get was a mess.  So I gave  up and decided to just use charms.  Of course, then I had to find the charms!  And I wanted gold ones, not silver - mostly you find silver.  Anyway, I finally finished it last weekend!

Now I'm going to be forced to get a picture of the piece I've  been working on!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Magic Castle , Finished

The stitching of Magic Castle was finished several months ago, but the finishing was barely begun when I got sick.  I really, really wanted this to be done and given to a good friend.

So I convinced another good friend, who is also an expert seamstress, to take on the job.  I had all the materials and the fabric was cut.  She gathered it all up with the help of my husband and brought it all to me in the hospital for instruction. 

I was still in rehab when it was done and was able to present it to its intended recipient.  It turned out great!  Everyone was proud and pleased!!

Yes, I am doing well and stitching a fair amount.  I just keep forgetting to take a picture and post!