Friday, May 27, 2016

Finally Framed

 Finally got a couple of things framed.

My little blue bargello with the pin in the center has been framed with an easel back so it can sit on a table or shelf.  It turned out really pretty, however, lesson learned:  If planning a piece to be framed this way - make it a standard size.  This piece is an odd size and the custom framing was ridiculously expensive!

Linda, designed by Orna Willis, colors and threads changed by me.  The framing makes it look great!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Horse with hat

 I found this painted canvas (with stitch guide) nearly two years ago and intended to stitch it for a friend of mine who rides horses and makes her own hats!  Well, 2 years later, I'm actually working on it.
Horsie is actually finished (see photo on the right), and my friend has it now deciding on the fabric to finish it so that it will go on a purse.  Once she picks the fabric, we will decide on a background and I will stitch the background.

This is a Pajamas & Chocolate design.  The pic below is of the cover of the stitch guide.  I did not use the stitch guide at all!  I changed the horse to look like my friend's horse and adjusted the shape some, changed the bridle, moved the eye, changed the nose& mouth area, and changed the colors of the hat to be my friend's colors.  

We have now whited out the "feathers" and the reins.  The reins were in the wrong place for the new bridle and real feathers won't work on a purse!  I tried stitching the feather shapes and didn't like it.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

18th Century Sampler, Progress

This past weekend, I worked on the 18th Century Sampler again.  It's been awhile!
Sorry for the poor quality of the photo!  I just cant seem to get a decent pic of this thing.  It is all aqua and teal on aquamarina canvas.
I did not want to do a row of hemstitching, so instead I created a border using bugle beads.  It turned out pretty good.  
Next was the acorn border.  It was supposed to be done in aqua #3 pearl cotton, but I find that hard to use on 18 and I just didn't want to do so much of it!  So I used Silk & Ivory, in 2 shades.  It came out nice and was easy to stitch, although I wish I'd had a lighter "dark" shade!
There are supposed to be 2 more rows of boxes, 6 boxes to a row.  I have decided that I don't want to do that much more on this piece.  I was in love with it when I started, but now? Not so much!  So I will stitch a couple of borders top & bottom and call it good. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bag Ladies progress

Bag Ladies is coming right along!  This is mostly what I worked on while I was sick.  (Yes, I'm finally better and back to full time stitching.)  All of the bags are finished and one cat is done.  The bags are all Watercolours with a touch of Neon Rays here & there.  That one little kitty face is a combination of Silk & Ivory and Alpaca 18.  Eyes are Neon Rays.
I still have some non-stitching work to do on this--I have to work out how to do the 2 that will try to look like my two!