Friday, September 26, 2014

Phase 2 of our move is complete.  Vegas is history, that house is sold and the new folks are moving in!  We are living in our old house in Reno now while we fix up the new one.  We are hoping to be all moved by the end of October. These things are always a LOT more work than you think they are going to be!

I haven't done any stitching for at least a week and not much since I last posted blog.  Sigh.

When I find the camera, I'll try to photograph the little bit of progress I have made on some of my WIPs.

Thanks for being patient!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Update & stitching

We are still embroiled in moving.  The move has 3 stages and we are now in Stage 2 of 3.  Sigh.  It feels like it will never end.  But it will and it'll be great!  In the meantime, we have lots more packing & moving to do.

I haven't had time for much stitching, but I have knocked out three ornaments, which will go to the finisher tomorrow.

Two are from Pat Mazu's "Pinwheels", which was the program for Cyberpointers during one meeting.  I did the Square and the Round.  Maybe I'll get to the little stocking one day.
I've used Watercolours #025, Neon Rays Plus #NP43, and 3 Kreiniks:  003HL, 008HL, 221.
All on ecru glitter canvas.

Also completed is an ornament made from 2 designs we got at a local retreat, an acorn and a pine cone.  This will be finished by folding it so they are back to back.  I hope that works out!  This is on 13 or 14-mesh, so it stitched up really fast!