Friday, December 28, 2012

Horse Medallion

Marble Horse Medallion

Now I can show you the Horse Medallion. 

Some years ago, my sister-in-law & brother-in-law built their dream house and barn.  They had several horses.  SIL designed a horse medallion which their son executed in marble set into the floor of the barn!  Isn't it stunning? 

Somewhere along the way, DH and I thought it would be a cool gift for them if I were to render the medallion in needlepoint.  I finally did it this year!

Being the Bargello fanatic that I am, the piece is worked completely in Bargello, except for the outer border, which is worked in a large Brick stitch. I used Watercolours and Silk & Ivory throughout. The mane is in a zig zag Bargello in solid black Watercolours, but it doesn't show up in the photo. Horsey's nose disappeared because it was too light. I fixed it before it was framed.  I'm very pleased with the result & SIL loves her new picture.

(Blogger is not cooperating today, I cannot get the pictures to do anything but line up!)

Bargello Horse Medallion, before border

Bargello Hourse Medallion, Finished

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Black & Calico Cats FINISHED!

I finally picked up the two Dede Ogden kitties from the finisher!  Aren't they adorable!  they have easel backs and she did a great job!
Black kitty has a red& gold back and Calico kitty has a green & gold back. I love the gold fringy stuff around the edge.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Finished Ornaments

Well, I got four of these finished.  The 5th proved to be too difficult for me and will have to be sent out to be finished and saved for next year!

The top 2 and the lower left are Laura Perin designs from her Mystery Monday Series.  The lower right is Ro Pace's Starry Night.

The top two are prefinished banners, very easy to finish.  Just stick in the needlework and then I use little strips of fuseable web to insure the edges of the fabric stay down.  The bottom two are the same deal except they are little pillows.  Bless the people who make these prefinished items!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bookmarks finished

These are two of the prefinished, painted canvas bookmarks that I just completed.
The quail is all in floss, for a boy.
The red one is in Neon Rays with a #8 Kreinik background, for a girl.
These will accompany books to the birthday kids - on Christmas day!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nature-Sea Update

The stitching is finished on "Earth - Sea".  Now I have to attempt to attach a shell and, the hard part, write up the directions!  I like the craziness of the Bargello!

I doubt that I'll get to the shell till after the holidays, but I'll let you know how it goes & post another photo whenever.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Caper Framed

This week I picked up two pieces at the framers.
I can only show you one of them as the other is a Christmas gift and I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Here is Christmas Caper all framed.  I do love this piece!  It just makes me smile every time I look at it.  I've decided to get an easel to use to display it so I can put it right where I can see it from my stitching chair.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nature - Sea

Many years ago I stitched the above trilogy.  It is called Earth, Sea and Sky.  It was a very unique Bargello back then and incorporated a "found" object on each section.  I think it is still unique today.
I have decided to rework these 3 designs, using today's materials and publishing them as 3 separate designs.  The threads I used on the original are no longer available and at that time canvas only came in brown or white.  This time I will be using Silk & Ivory, Watercolours and some metallics.  At least that is what I know right now!  The "found" objects will be purchased, not found (smile) and are available at most craft stores.

I have started the new version of "Sea".  It is about half finished.  So far it is all Silk & Ivory on Sandstone canvas.  I may use blue canvas for the other two.  I have purchased a box of shells and hope I can figure out how to write instructions for attaching one!  Each piece will be an 8" round and I am hoping (fingers crossed) they will fit in the new Sudberry House round Crown Plate frames.                            

I have changed the name to "Nature - Sea", "Nature - Sky", etc. What do you think?
Jane (Chilly Hollow) mentioned that I have new Bargellos in the works.  The other one is the one I posted about a week or so ago.  And she's right, I don't have a name for it yet.  I'm hoping to start the next variation of that one over the holidays.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mini Mystery November

I think this is the last Christmas ornament for this year.  This is Laura Perin's Mini Mystery Monday for November. 
I love it!  It turned out so pretty!  The photo doesn't do it justice - it is very sparkly!
I changed the colors to all greens & whites for Christmas.  I used Watercolours #066 Jade, two #5 pearl cottons, white and dark green 890, FyreWerks #F45, and a little bit of #4 Kreinik #5982 (used double). On dark green canvas.

I love the way the FyreWerks picks up the colors around it.  When worked directly on the green canvas, it turns light green.  When worked on the white it is white!  Wonderful!  That is the same thread I used on the red one on white canvas and it looks very white.

I hope to have all the ornaments "finished" by the end of the week to show you next week.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #8

Another little Christmas finish.  This one is Laura Perin's Mini Mystery Monday #8.  Isn't it pretty?
I made a few changes because I didn't want a border around the outer edge.  It turned out pretty good, although a tad larger than I wanted.  Oh well.  It is much, much sparklier than the picture shows!  The canvas is white silver sparkle and the silver is #8 Kreinik 001.  There is also some FyreWerks #F45.  The red is Watercolours 219 Cardinal, not as much variation as I would have liked, but this is what I had on hand!  Then there are 2 #5 Pearl cottons, White and 817.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012 SOTM October & November

Surprise!  I'm caught up on SOTM!  This week I completed the sections for October and November.
October is Double Straight Cross worked in Soy Luster and Wildflowers.  I reversed the way the threads are worked, using the Soy Luster for the little "hearts" and then filling the background with the Wildflowers.  Worked up very quickly.
November is Chottie's Plaid, using Trebizond, #12 Kreinik, and Grandeur.  Now, I have been a needlepoint plaid lover since the 70s or 80s when I first discovered it.  But I did not enjoy stitching this one.  Why?  Because I didn't like the threads.  You can see in the photo that the Trebizond doesn't cover well on the white canvas.  The Grandeur is OK, but the white Kreinik, which is 001HL is too heavy.
I still do not like this project.  I am curious to see what December brings.  If I don't like the background that is called for, I have decided I am going to do the background in Bargello hearts.  I will also outline all the areas and the whole heart, probably with a whipped backstitch.  Here is how it looks now:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Caper, Finished

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

The Christmas Caper by Charley Harper is finished.  I love this piece - it is just sooooo cute!

The garland took quite a while.  The popcorn is French Knots in snow white Watercolours and the red balls are Neon Rays Rhodes variations.  The tree is in Arctic Rays and I added a few gold beads.  I found a cute little silver moon to hang in the night sky.  Using the glitter canvas, I didn't have to do the stars!

Now to try to get it framed in time to enoy some before Xmas!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #5

Another small Christmas project completed.  This is Laura Perin's Mini Mystery Monday #5.  I changed the colors to Christmas colors, but used the same type of threads.  I am now out of the red/green Watercolours, so will have to do another color scheme for any more that I do for this year!  I am determined to only use stash for these.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Bargello Finished

The New Bargello is finished.  It is not really what I had envisioned.  Partly because I didn't remember to follow my own directions!  The "background" behind the 2 brown center sections was supposed to be in the aquas.  I was fairly far along before I looked at my chart and discovered what I had done.  So, I decided to just let it be a variation!

I will eventually stitch up several different arrangements using this design.  I think the next one will be monochromatic.  My plan is to stitch 3-4 variations and then publish the pattern.

I do not have a name for this yet.  I'm not going to try to name it till I get other variations done.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Starry Night by Ro Pace

Finished another small Xmas piece.  This one is Starry Night by Ro Pace.  I think this was in the ANG Chapter Notebook several years ago.  Anyway, the pattern did not have a color photo, but all the colors called for were blues & purples.  Not me!  Changed to Xmas colors.  And I don't think I used any of the same threads.  Oh well, made it mine!  It'll make a nice little ornament.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Marta Mask, Progress #3

DH was out of town this weekend, so I worked on the Marta Mask.  I rarely work on this if anyone is around - it requires a lot of concentration.  The photo is just of the areas I have stitched.
This weekend I worked on the "scarf" beneath her chin.  I had completed the solid area on the right side of the scarf awhile ago.  Sometime since then, I determined that the painted area extended further than I had stitched! 
And, in studying the pictures I have from the Leigh website, I noticed that there was sheer stuff behind the solid.  Oh boy, that's gonna be tough!  I experimented with several different threads and stitches and ended up with a Persian stitch with just 1 strand of silk.  The solid areas are a brick stitch in Flair with backstitching in #8 Kreinik braid.
It looks good from a distance, but less so up close.  Well, you are supposed to view it from a few feet away - not right on top of it!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Caper, Progress #4

These Raccoons are just getting cuter every minute! 
I have made some serious progress on Christmas Caper.
All 4 raccoons are finished.  The candy cane is done and the star.  I just used straight stitches for the candy cane, in Neon Rays.  The star is a Jean Hilton 8-pointed star, compensated. 
I worked the candy cane and the star out on graph paper first.  The star was really tricky!  But it turned out pretty good, in Kreinik #3 braid.  I haven't decided yet if I will put something in the center of the star!
Next up will be the garland.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mini Mystery #3

Christmas is coming fast!  So I decided I'd better get busy and make up a few small things.

Yesterday I stitched this one up!  It is Laura Perin's Mini Mystery #3.  I've been printing out her Monday Mysteries every week since she started doing them.  Thanks Laura!

I changed the colors slightly.  I used:
Watercolours 025, #5 pearl 890 and 817, Fyre Werks F3 and Kreinik #3 002.  The beads are Mill Hill Glass 02011, which I put on this morning. 

I'm not sure exactly how it will be finished, but will post a pic whenever.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Mystery Retreat Progress #4

Although I have put away most of the large projects, I have worked some on my Mystery Retreat project.  This is the bottom section, which was designed by Debbie Rowley.  There is still a lot to be done on it, but I think I am now working on the last bit that is relatively easy.  The rest of this section involves overlays and overstitches and even some needleweaving and will require a LOT of attention!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mad Miters Available

You thought you'd seen the last of Mad Miters?  Well, no! 

The instruction booklet is now available on my website!
So, if you or someone you know missed out on the workshop, you can still learn this fun technique!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Bargello

 During the past few weeks I started a new Bargello.  It doesn't have a name yet, and won't for awhile because I will be stitching at least one more colorway, maybe two more.
I used FyreWerks Soft Sheen for the vertical and horizontal centers.  The rest is all Silk & Ivory and Watercolours.  I expect to finish this part and start filling in the background by the end of the week.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Christmas Caper, Progress #3

While I have not been posting regularly for awhile now, I have been stitching.  Well, not as much as usual, but some.  Christmas Caper is coming right along.  I've worked on this piece the most because I really like it!  It is fun to stitch.
The Big Guy has a face!  And front legs!  He is all done in Petite Very Velvet. 
The chimney is finished.  I thought I was going to run out of thread, but I had just the right amount, even though I rushed to buy another skein just in case! 
And the snow on the roof is also finished.  I used #12 Kreinik 032, but the sparkles don't show up in the photo.  It is alternating Smyrnas & Mosaics.  It looks good and comes forward, as it should.
I think next I will do the other 2 raccoon faces that are peeking around the chimney.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas Caper, Progress #2

Christmas Caper is coming right along.  What a fun stitch!
I finished the top of the chimney last night and I have a good start on the bricks.
The chimney is a simple square Mosaic in a very light tan Watercolours.  I used the same thread for the grout.
The bricks are also in Watercolours and I used the Alternating Oblong Cross.  I really like the way that is turning out!  I had quite a time finding just the right stitch that would give texture without a noticeable direction.  The bricks are too large (10 threads high) to use a brick stitch!
I will go to my LNS tomorrow to get the rest of the thread I need so Big Guy can have a head!

My new counter tops are in and the kitchen is put back together. 
I LOVE my new counters!  They are Silestone (quartz) in a color called Stellar Snow.  Aptly named, it is white & gray with shiny silver sparkles!  I also got a new undermount sink, stainless with deeper bowls.  It is great!  No more grout to clean!

I'm still pretty busy though & not getting in a lot of stitching time.  A friend is arriving today and will stay about a week.  We will have a lot of fun shopping and stitching and we have a mini needlework retreat to go to all day Sunday. 

Oh, and by the way, Happy Anniversary to this blog!  It is 3 years old.  Thank you followers and readers!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Christmas Caper by Charley Harper

I have temporarily retired all of the large projects I have been working on.  And started this cute, fun, smaller one.  This is a very busy time for us.  DH has G2E (gaming show) and is pretty much completely taken up with that this week.  To make it a perfect week, we are having our kitchen counters replaced - Thursday!  Eek!  They will be beautiful, but I have to empty most of the cabinets, or seal them up, because of dust.
I have quite a few of the Charley Harper charts and decided to do The Christmas Caper - just for fun!
The raccoons will be all in Petite Very Velvet.  I have a start on the big guy:
 I'm using the black glitter canvas, which is easier to work on than expected, but does not photograph well.  I'll try putting something dark behind it next time.
Nobody took a chunk out of his tail, that is where the garland will go across!
The gray is a little light, but it is what I had.  I do have to get some thread though.  I need a lighter gray for the faces or white if there is no such gray in PVV.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the garland, but that will be last anyway, so not to worry!  I think I will look for a charm for the moon.
The tail is in Encroaching Gobelin and the body is just a slanted gobelin, changing direction with each row.  The "lines" are backstitched with #12 pearl.cotton. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Black & Calico Cats by Dede Ogden

Finally, my two painted canvases by Dede Ogden are finished.  Black Cat and Calico Cat are ready to go to the finisher to be made into Christmas standups.  I hope they'll be done for Christmas this year!  I really like these little girls!
The picture's a little blurry cause I just stuck them on the scanner.  The buttons hold it up just a bit & so we don't get the clearest image.  But once they are finished, I'll get a good photo with my good camera.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 SOTM September

Well, this month's SOTM sure went fast!  It only took me a couple of hours to stitch this couched pattern.  Threads are Soy Luster, Panache, Kreinik and Grandeur.
Only 2 sections to go.  I'm very curious to get to the end & find out what is in store for outlining & background!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Patterns

Finally!  Two new patterns are available on my Website:

Many of you followed the stitching of "In The Garden" and "Vanilla Orchid" and I finally got the instructions ready to sell.
Vanilla Orchid

Please check it out!  They are listed under Bargello patterns & you have to scroll down all the way to the bottom.
In The Garden

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Black Cat by Dede Ogden

Black Cat
 I'm working on the 3rd of the cat canvases designed by Dede Ogden.  The first one I did a couple of years ago and gave it as a gift.
The second one, the Calico Cat I finished last year.
Now I have finally started the Black Cat.  She will be a companion piece to the Calico Cat (see below).  They will be finished as stand-ups.
I'm not paying a lot of attention to the colors painted on the canvas, except for the kitty herself.  The hat will be green, the mittens are green and the scarf is red.  I'm not sure about the stocking yet except that the yellow squares will be gold.  I found some cute buttons that will be the items in the stocking, so I will just stitch that plain, probably with the gray.  I will do the background on Black Cat the same as the Calico.  These little pieces stitch up quickly and I hope to get this to the finisher in a week or so.

Calico Cat

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Marta Mask Progress #2

Surprise!  I pulled out the Marta Mask last week and finished the face.  I hadn't worked on her for a while and was pleased to see that all of the Criss Cross Hungarian was finished.  All I had to do was fill in the spaces with cross stitches.  I used a silver Kreinik #8 braid.

I don't know what section I'll do next.  Maybe the "scarf" & ribbon at the bottom:  I have to do some research about layering stitches with Flair.  I think that would give it a light & filmy look.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bargello Techniques

I can finally reveal one of the "secret" projects I've been working on for more than a year!  Bargello Techniques is an ANG Correspondence Course which has been announced at the seminar in Philadelphia.  Registration begins November 1.
It will be in the new Education Directory, but I don't know when that will come out.  The model is on display at seminar.

Bargello Techniques is a Beginner Bargello class.  The project teaches several different patterns and then uses them to create 5 Bargello techniques.  Finished size is about 16-1/4" x12-1/2" on 18-count canvas.
This is a fun project and teaches different techniques that can then be used for future projects.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Honorable Mention

I'm proud to tell you that Diamond in a Square got an Honorable Mention at the ANG Seminar Exhibit!
Here's a picture in case you forgot what it looked like!

I guess we'll have to wait for months to see what all the winners are!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

FMTM Block 3

Finally, I worked on FMTM again!  Block 3 is complete so I'm a little less behind.  I arranged my colors different from the examples and I am pleased with the result.
However, my center square makes this Block not quite go with the other two.  So I have decided that when I stitch Blocks 5 & 6 I will reverse the positioning so that #6 will be on the opposite end from #3.  Six looks like it is similar, so I can use this color layout again & it should balance the piece.

Here's what the whole thing is looking like so far:

Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Mystery Retreat Progress #3

The center section of the Mystery Retreat project is finished.  Well, except for the very center which I will be the last thing I do since I'm not sure what I want to put in there.
This section was designed by all four of the teachers.  Amazing how a collaberation like that can work!

Below is how the whole piece looks now.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fractal Finished

The fractal is finished!  I've been working on this off & on for a couple of years.  I adapted this design from a cross stitch pattern by Cross Stitch Collectibles.  I think it was a freebie, but I don't remember for sure :-)
I cut the colors from 79 to 46 by eliminating colors that were nearly indistinguishable from one another and by substituting an overdye for a bunch of the rust shades.  I also perked it up with a bunch of metallics.
I chopped this off at the bottom making it 8.5" long instead of 11".  The bottom 3" just looked kind of messy to me and I like it the way it turned out.
Now to get it framed!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mystery Retreat 2012 - Progress #2

The right side section (designed by Mary Knapp) is complete.  Except that I have changed the red to turquoise, it is exactly like the pattern!  Well almost, I did use the Very Velvet instead of the Memory Thread to connect the little squares running down each side.  The turquoise Memory Thread is just too light in color.  The Very Velvet worked just fine!
The pic below shows what the whole thing looks like now:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stash Disposal - Final offer

This is a repost from a week or so ago.  Sometime next week, I will be putting these items up on eBay.  I am showing this again, just in case any of you missed it the first time around.  The crossed out items have sold.

 I am helping a friend clean out her stash. I will be offering her items on eBay soon, but thought I would first see if any of you are interested. No auction, first come, first served.
I have:
Rainbow Linen, pretty much a full set
Presencia Finca Sample Packs, #12 and #16, there are six 5gram balls in each pack
Neon Rays on a spool. 230 yds of lavendar & about 50 yds of blue
A Daylight Flexilens mini-clip magnifier
Zweigart Canvas, 18-count, Ecru glitter, white glitter, pale gray
Zweigart Congress Cloth, may be Sandstone, but looks darker to me

If you are interested, email me at lizboatay at hotmail dot com and I will email you a full list of colors, quantities and prices. Prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping and taxes (if Nevada) will be added.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Menagerie Blocks 9 & 10

Menagerie is caught up again.  Or it was for a couple of days!  Instructions have already been posted for the next steps!  This picture is of the whole thing to date.  I'm still liking the soft monochromatic colors.  Now I am thinking I will use an aqua/tan overdye for the background. 

OK, details: The blocks I just finished are #9 & #10. Block #9 is Bargello and #10 is Round & Square stitches.
I  agonized over this square.  I thought I needed to be very creative since Bargello is "my thing".  Well, that wasn't working out so I decided to just do a simple Rectangular 4-Way.
The round & square stitches didn't really inspire me, so I kept it simple & small.  Smyra border with Daisy eyelets & ray stitches.