Sunday, February 23, 2014

FMTM Border Started

I have figured out a border for FMTM.  I started with the diamond border in the pattern, but changed its background to a simple alternating Scotch in 2 shades of aqua.  I have enough done now to tell that I think I like it.  There is backstitching around all the dark stitches and I only have a little of that done.  
Now it is just a matter of perseverance!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mad Landscape Update #2

The Mad Landscape is coming right along.  The dark green section is finished except for one color that I ran out of.  DH is bringing a skein of it back from our Reno house.  This thread is a discontinued wool tapestry yarn called Orchidee.  I used to use it a lot for Bargello and have a ton of it, but of course it is in our Reno house!  
The brown section is about half finished.  I am really enjoying this piece.  It is fun to work on, just about every stitch is a mystery!.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Marta Mask, Progress #8

The Marta Mask (Leigh Designs) is moving right along now.  I have completed another "set" of areas.
The largest of these are below the "feathers" and have open areas of canvas showing through.  There is also some of this at the top of her head.
I used Smyrna crosses in Kreinik #12 braid and an overdyed silk for the Diagonal Mosaic.

Friday, February 7, 2014

FMTM Sashing Complete

I finished the Sashing and Cornerstones on FMTM this week.  
FMTM will eventually have to play with Stars for a New Millenium; therefore, I used the cornerstones pattern from Stars for FMTM.
Now I have to decide about the Border.  Should I use one of the patterns in FMTM or use the border from Stars or come up with some sort of combination of the two?  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mad Landscape update

My Mad Landscape is coming along.  There's just a wee bit of blue left to do, all of the purple is done and the dark green is getting there.  This is quite a demanding project!  I can work on it with the TV on, but I do tend to lose track of the show!  I get so focused on the Bargello that I don't even hear the TV.
I have amended my original plan of making all the "centers" the same.  In the larger areas, there are so many centers that I am letting some of them "just happen", in the Mad Miters way.
This project is relegated to weekends only right now and I hope to get a start on the brown part next time.