Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is a brand new Blog and I am a brand new Blogger! To begin with I will be documenting my progress, and sometimes lack thereof, of my latest needlepoint project: Book of Ink Circles. I should mention that this design is a cross stitch design, but I am doing it in needlepoint. You can see it at www.inkcircles.com.
I began last week when I painted the canvas using a variation of a technique published by Gay Ann Rogers. I used a sea sponge and acrylic paints.

First I marked the perimeter of the design area, and the center, on the canvas with a Sharpee fine point marker. Then I fastened my canvas to stretcher bars, nice & tight. I put the "right side" on top as I didn't want to risk getting paint on my stretcher bars. This way I only need to paint the area I will be stitching. I mixed my paint to just a little darker than the desired color. I added water till it was about the consistency of thin syrup or cream, maybe a little thinner. Then I wet and wrung out my sponge (a small one I got at Aaron Bros. for about $5). I gingerly dipped the sponge in the paint and *wiped* it across the canvas (if you daub, you may just get spots) and generally smeared it around. If you get a thick spot or a too dark spot, just wipe it with the clean side of the sponge and it'll clear it right up. It is easy to do swirls, almost solid, corners, whatever. I found that, as a non-painter, the small sponge is much easier to control than a brush.

I am thrilled with the results! It is exactly what I wanted and so easy! There are no ripples in the canvas - I think putting it on the frame first is the key! Of course, my paint wasn't real watery either, so that might make a difference too. If you decide to try it, be sure to experiment first on scrap canvas so you can find out what the right consistency is for the paint and check the color. I will always do this, every time I paint a canvas. And I'm sure I'll do this again!!!!

Next I decided I didn't like the Cat design at the corners of the pattern, so I worked up a knot pattern that would coordinate with the ones at the centers of each side.

Finally, time to start stitching. I have completed part of one side and am pleased with the results:


deborahinwi said...

Nice work! You are really creative. I'll be followint your progress.

roxystschotchias said...

Wow! Cool change! Can't wait to see how else you personalize this project. Roxanne

Robyn in Oz said...

Really like your variation of the 'cats'. Don't like them either, so have been sitting until decide to what to change them.

NCPat said...

Welcome to blogging! I, too, like the corner changes!

Cyn said...

Hi Liz,

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

I've enjoyed following your painting progress on Gay Ann's group and I'm looking forward to seeing how you will interpret this cross stitch design in needlepoint. :-)

I already like how you changed the cat corners to knots. :-)

Windy Meadow

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. When I discovered that "blog" meant web log I got excited. Having always wanted to keep a journal, blogging seemed the answer. I began in May of 08 Come visit at http://stitchlady.wordpress.com
Painting canvas has always seemed too much of a project to me. Loved your description.

Front Range Stitcher said...

Congratulations on your new blog. I am following it and looking forward to seeing your progress. The Boink project is wonderful and will be beautiful on your painted canvas. I've only been blogging since May and have enjoyed it tremendously.

Milly~ said...

Your new blog is off to a great start! I like the new touch you added to the Book of Ink Circles.

BW said...

Love the way you are changing BoInk to match yourself. :) I, too, love what you have done with the corners and am so glad you are sharing the pattern.

omashee aka Barb said...

Liz, I love that you're personalizing this project. Excited to watch your progress. Welcome to the world of blogging!