Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sierra, Progress

Since I can't work on my Bargello till my yarn order arrives, I have been working on Sierra. It is a pretty little piece and fun to stitch. I am nearly half finished. I'd be a little further, but discovered an error in the pattern and have to rip some out. Nuts! I hate when that happens!


Teresa S. said...

Sierra is looking great so far! I am getting ready to start it (as soon as the threads arrive), so could you go into a little more detail about the mistake on the pattern? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I loved SIERRA. It was fun to do. Your colorway is very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing it done. I have used a portion of SIERRE as the header on my blog. My colors are so different. I like seeing patterns done in different colorways. It really changes the project.