Monday, September 27, 2010

Seasons by Amybear Needlepoints

I confess. I have started a new project. I know, I have lots going on already, but I wanted something to work on occasionally that had no requirements or deadlines! So I went to my stash of patterns, which is really getting out of hand LOL, and settled on Amybear Needlepoints' "Seasons". It is not a small project (design area 12"x12") but it is interesting, without being too difficult.

When I looked at the supply list I was delighted to find that it uses nothing but Watercolours! My favorite thread! Well, that did it. I cut a piece of Sandstone canvas and got it on stretchers. Then I dove into my drawer of Watercolours. Of course, I am changing all the colors, it'll have an aqua/turquoise/tan/rust theme. I know, you're soooo surprised! But that is what I have a lot of in my stash. I will have to buy a few skeins, but not much. I may add a little bit of Kreinik metallic braid, just for fun. I got a good start on the center block and it's lookin' good!


Anonymous said...

That looks bewilderingly complex - I shall watch with interest!

jdnrob said...

Could you do us a favor???? I love the colors you used on this first part, and was wondering if you could keep track of the numbers you are using and post them? I so often see a design with changed colors, and I have NO color sense at all. I just can't pick them!!!
Love seeing all your great artwork, working on your bagello ornaments right now for Christmas presents! Have a great day!

Joanie R>

LIZ said...

Sure, Joanie.
So far I have used, all Watercolours:
001 Sandstone, the lightest section
241 Shandoah, aqua
194 South Pacific, the darker blue-green
189 Gingersnap, brown
As I post each step, I will include the colors.
Thanks for your interest!