Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuscan Midnight, Progress #3

I have occasionally been working on Tuscan Midnight.  It is soothing to work on after spending most of my time lately on "secret" works that are in the middle of design process.  Anyway, a few days ago I completed the last all-the-way-around row, the red one.  Oh boy!  I would be able to start filling in the corners!  I went to a Stitch-In on Saturday and thought this would be the perfect piece to take.  Well, I guess there was too much going on to begin the new section!  Not only is it in the wrong corner, it is 90 degrees "off".  After some study, I have decided it will take less time to rip it out and do it right than to "adjust" all the other corners!  Oh well, that'll be good TV watching work!


Anonymous said...

It's frustrating when that happens, but hardly surprising. There are times when life is just too interesting to count threads!

Anonymous said...

This is looking wonderful! I know the ripping out feeling only too well. Hope things flow smoothly from now on.