Saturday, March 12, 2011

Destashing Blog

I recently made a second purchase from Pat Miller's Destashing Blog.  Once again, the prices were great and the merchandise was received very quickly by Priority Mail.  I will definitely keep watching this site!  Note that Pat is moving and ber blog will be inactive for awhile.  But I'll keep checking back so that I'll catch it as soon as she is operating again.  Her things get snapped up very quickly!

This time I got a book and a canvas with all the threads.
The book is Graham Rust's Needlepoint Designs, published in 1998.  It contains some very interesting & unusual charted designs that could be done in cross stitch as well as needlepoint.  I especially like the big cabbage and the mouse in the teapot!
The canvas is called Purrfect Spring by Dee Ross & is so cute!  Plus it came with all the threads!  Can't wait to see this stitched up with the Petite Very Velvet for the kitties! 

So now I have a PILE of painted kitty canvases!  I don't know what I'm thinking!  Oh well, I have done very few painted canvases in my career, so when I get the chance I'll be moving into that realm.  I find painted canvases to be a whole new challenge!  And the funny thing is:  It is much easier to create a stitch guide for someone else than for myself.


Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Wow! From one person's stash to another! Love the kitty canvas! You are going to be busy, as if you aren't already!

Front Range Stitcher said...

The kitty canvas is wonderful! I will love to see this stitched by you. It is interesting to know it's easier to create a stitch guide for someone else than for yourself. The book is also a treasure, good finds! Thanks for reminding us how great a job Pat does with her destashing site.