Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twisted Ribbons, Another New Bargello

Here is the next New Bargello.  It is presently called Twisted Ribbons, but if I can come up with another name, it will be changed.  The inspiration for this piece is a necklace that belongs to a friend of mine.  The necklace is twisted "chains" in different metallic colors.
Twisted Ribbons is all Metallics, except for the background which will be mostly Neon Rays and maybe a little overdyed floss.  The background, which I have barely begun, will be all cables like you see on the far right.  There are actually 5 different threads in the black section, but they don't really show up.  If I publish this design, I will simplify the black.  It is hard to get the metallic effect in a photograph (at least for me), but it is looking great & I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

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Anonymous said...

Another interesting idea! This could be done in so many colors to imitate different gems.