Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cats in the Garden

Here's another of the little squares I did for Christmas gifts.  I finished this several weeks ago, but couldn't show it to you because the intended recipient watches Blog closely!

The pattern is by Pine Glen Designs and is a cross stitch pattern.  I should have done it in cross stitch!  There are a lot of partial stitches and that makes adapting it to needlepoint difficult. I would have been better off if I had studied the photo more, rather than sticking to the chart! 
I used Alpaca AL51 & AL64 and Watercolours 165 & 171 for the cats.  The background is a mix of #5 perle cotton and Watercolours 067.  The metallic dark green is FyreWerks FT27.  To make the stitching go faster, I used Mosaic in the center square and 3 sizes of Scotch till it was the right size.

The adaptation isn't perfect, but I think it turned out cute nonetheless!  Here it is all made up.  My friend loved it!


Tatkis said...

What a cute cat stitching! Great work!


Edy said...

As you say, it's an needn't mimic the original chart precisely, and it is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Adorable!! I'm sure the recipient will enjoy it for years to come.