Monday, March 19, 2012

Baroque Progress #2

Here is the center diamond of Baroque finished.  This is not a difficult piece, but it does require paying attention!  The picture is too light, but clear.  I need to remember to put something dark behind this for pictures, instead of the white wall. 

I even got the beads on.  After dumping the entire box!  Some went in my lap & those were pretty easy to capture.  But even with the help of DH, I think there are still a lot of beads rattling around in my recliner!

And yeserday DH discovered our cat, KC, playing with a needle!  No matter how hard I try, those vagabond needles do get away sometimes.

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Beth in IL said...

I hate it when I dump my beads! Love the work so far on Cyberpointers mystery sampler. Love your neutral color scheme.