Friday, June 22, 2012

Twisted Metal, Reframed

A few weeks ago I showed you Twisted Metal framed & ask for opinions.  Thank you for your input. 
After looking at it for awhile, I liked it less & less and decided to redo it.  So, back to the frame shop we went.  We kept the frame, but redid the matting & I'm so glad I did!  I like it much better now.


Joanie R. said...

I also think it is better, you now look at the stitching instead of the mats.

Beautiful piece!
Joaie R.

Donna said...


A friend of mine just received her Mad Miters book and she let me look at it. I'm jealous!

mskathk said...

WOW: I've seen the same piece framed 15 different ways for different effects, so I know there's no 'right' way.
That said, black = drama, and the black mat really punches up the piece. My eye goes to the center and back out, so the emphasis is on the uniqueness of your pattern.
The other 14 ways couldn't possibly do this piece as much justice as this 1 does!

Sara Leigh said...

This sets off the needlework much better! Looks great!