Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nature - Sea

Many years ago I stitched the above trilogy.  It is called Earth, Sea and Sky.  It was a very unique Bargello back then and incorporated a "found" object on each section.  I think it is still unique today.
I have decided to rework these 3 designs, using today's materials and publishing them as 3 separate designs.  The threads I used on the original are no longer available and at that time canvas only came in brown or white.  This time I will be using Silk & Ivory, Watercolours and some metallics.  At least that is what I know right now!  The "found" objects will be purchased, not found (smile) and are available at most craft stores.

I have started the new version of "Sea".  It is about half finished.  So far it is all Silk & Ivory on Sandstone canvas.  I may use blue canvas for the other two.  I have purchased a box of shells and hope I can figure out how to write instructions for attaching one!  Each piece will be an 8" round and I am hoping (fingers crossed) they will fit in the new Sudberry House round Crown Plate frames.                            

I have changed the name to "Nature - Sea", "Nature - Sky", etc. What do you think?
Jane (Chilly Hollow) mentioned that I have new Bargellos in the works.  The other one is the one I posted about a week or so ago.  And she's right, I don't have a name for it yet.  I'm hoping to start the next variation of that one over the holidays.

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