Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Walk the Wild River

OMG I finally get to take this class!
Linda Reinmiller's "Walk the Wild River".
When Linda first talked about this class on her blog, I wrote her immediately to find out where she would be teaching it.  Well, it was at last year's seminar and I couldn't make that.  But then Cyberpointers announced WWR would be taught as an online workshop!  Hip hip hooray!  I signed right up.

The workshop started mid March.  I chose a different color palette than Linda's, mine is on Antique Blue canvas (the darkest of the blue canvases) and my threads are more muted colors. 

This last weekend I finally completed all of the prework, as well as the first lesson, which was Sections 1 and 16.  The 2 sections are far apart but use some of the same thread and have a similar look.  The prework took quite a long time to do, but I am really glad I went ahead and finished it.  After a couple of ripping sessions due to miscounting, I knew it was going to be really important to have all those borders completed and correct!  Here is what it looks like today.

Section 1
Section 16


geeky Heather said...

That is an amazing looking piece; I can't wait to see it develop!

Carol said...

Love your colours. You always chose great colours. Enjoy your class. Cyberclasses are the best for long distant learning.
Bye for now, Carol from Australia