Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mad Landscape update

My Mad Landscape is coming along.  There's just a wee bit of blue left to do, all of the purple is done and the dark green is getting there.  This is quite a demanding project!  I can work on it with the TV on, but I do tend to lose track of the show!  I get so focused on the Bargello that I don't even hear the TV.
I have amended my original plan of making all the "centers" the same.  In the larger areas, there are so many centers that I am letting some of them "just happen", in the Mad Miters way.
This project is relegated to weekends only right now and I hope to get a start on the brown part next time.


Didi-beadwork said...

i love how this is coming along. i am pleased you have posted more pictures as i was wanting to see it.

Sara Leigh said...

This is beautiful! I love the colors you're using, and I like seeing the landscape come to life.