Sunday, October 19, 2014

American Beauty Rose

Yes, I know it doesn't look like anything.  Yet.  
This is DebBee's Designs "American Beauty Rose", but I'm doing a white rose.  Well, it is mostly tan, but it's MY white rose.  
I started this just before all the moving craziness hit.  I had quite a time finding the right threads and I ended up ripping out all of the darkest shade that I had done as it was toooo dark.  I restitched it blending the dark shade I had with the next to the darkest and it is much better.  

This is a fun design to stitch!  Each color (6 I think, or maybe 8) has it's own stitch.  The picture color isn't quite right, the lightest shade is an old Needle Necessities overdyed floss that is white to light tan.  So the lightest squares are really white.  The canvas is eggshell, so it is lighter than it appears in the pic.


Brenda M. Côté said...

Hi Liz,

Love your color choices and how you've completed a full quadrant. I too am stitching this project in lilac/lavender colors, but am completing one color/stitch at a time.

Brenda M. Côté
Brenda's Needlepoint Studio Blog

Beth in IL said...

Love how this looks. Nice job.