Thursday, February 5, 2015

Purrfect Spring

This is a painted canvas (OMG! ) called Purrfect Spring by Dee Ross.  I purchased the canvas several years ago from one of the destash sites.  It came with lots of threads too!

Last month I decided to use this canvas to participate in Stitcherie's 2015 Stitching Games.
For January, I did the green leaves at the top in #5 pearl cotton.  
For February, I stitched the brown kitty.  There wasn't any thread in the bag that came with that seemed right, so I used some Appleton tapestry wool from stash.  Awful stuff!  I would never use it for anything but animal fur - it is very coarse and inconsistent in thickness, and a bit hairy, but it did brush up nice which doesn't show in the photo.  That said, it is very old and newer Appleton may be better, I don't know.

Progress to date:

P.S.  Did you notice I finally got the new picture up for my header?!!  Now that I know how to do it, maybe I can change it with the seasons.  


Sara Leigh said...

I love that canvas and will be interested in seeing this one develop. Your comments about Appleton are interesting. I think it may be an age thing. I pulled out a skein that I may have had for about 8-10 years and it was not in good shape. It kept breaking and was uneven in thickness. I ended up throwing it away. It's fuzzy texture is intentional, I believe. I find it odd that it doesn't hold up over the years in the skein, as it's intended for crewel embroidery. And that's intended for cushions and furniture, so the materials should hold up better than that.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You know, I love Appleton's crewel wool, the first thread I ever used for needlepoint. I have some that's over 30 years old and it is still in perfect condition. I have never been fond of the tapestry wool, though, so I don't have any of that hanging around to check.