Friday, June 12, 2015

Pink Bargello

I needed something small and easy to work on when company was here, so I started a 5" square Bargello.  
The center will have a silver & pink pin on it, so I first basketweaved a pad for it.
The Bargello pattern is a new one (to me) that I found on line and adapted.  The original was over 6 and I wanted it over 4.  Surprise, that changed the whole thing and it doesn't look much like the original.  
You can't tell very well, but there are 2 shades of the dark pinks.  The centers that I have started are 2 shades of pink plus silver.
I was going to use those same colors, but reversed, to fill the "in between" centers as well, but it made them too prominent.  So, back to the computer to try some other ideas!

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