Friday, November 6, 2015


One day, I thought I'd like to have a small zippered bag to use when I don't want a purse, but need something to hold a few necessities.  Not an evening bag.  I thought I had a plain Stitch-n-Zip bag that I could design something for.  When I went to pull it out, I discovered I had one with a printed design!  OK, I'll just stitch that.  No thinking!  Yay!

WRONG.  First I had to change the colors.  Of course.  I had to keep the blue because the zipper and backing are blue, but I changed the dark blue to Navy.  I changed the other colors to be more "me".  Because I have a lot of it, I pulled Silk & Ivory.  The gold is an old "chainette" type metallic that's been in stash forever, so I decided to use it.  It is pretty without overwhelming.

I started stitching.  Now, look at this design - nice diagonal lines, huh?  WRONG AGAIN!  All those "diagonal" lines are not on the true diagonal.  No way to get smooth lines.  If you follow the printed design, you will get jagged lines.  That will look stupid.  IMHO!!  You can see how much it gets off, quickly, if you look at the thin gold line that starts just to the left of top center.  I think by the time it gets to the other edge, it will be clear out of the painted printed gold.  But I can't stand it if the lines aren't smooth, so I will stick to the true diagonal no matter what.  Grrrrr.


Brenda M. Côté said...

It's a cute purse. I agree, it does need to be stitched on a true diagonal. It'll look great when done.

Evelyn said...

Is there not a rule, law or something about "it is NEVER as easy as it looks!"

Beth in IL said...

I do love these little StitchN Zip projects. I did the eyeglass case in that pattern and had ISSUES, but finally got it done.

Melitastitches4fun said...

What if you had done basketweave? Wouldn't that have worked better?