Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stash Cats Two, Progress #4

Stash Cats is moving right along!  Big cat is mostly done, just have to finish his tail.  This is much harder now.  So far I have only repeated one stitch (Mosaic, used twice), but it is getting hard to pick stitches.  Not only have I already used so many, but the spaces in the tail are pretty small.  I have not had to repeat any threads though! 

I have to say that as a stash buster, this is a failure.  Each stripe is not that big and so only uses small amounts of thread.  I don't keep real small amounts, so mostly it just takes a few strands out instead of actually using anything up!  Guess I need to do a LOT more stash buster pieces :-) !!

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Sara Leigh said...

I really love, love, love that sparkly cat! This is beautiful.