Friday, October 27, 2017

Window Seat Cushion 3

I do work on the window seat cushion once in awhile!  I have to work at the dining room table because it is the only place big enough. Gives me a back ache!!

Anyway, the top is mostly done.  I will have to add a little bit more of the sashing material to get the top edge squared off.  (Somewhere along the line I miscalculated!). 

Next will be to cut the fabric for the back of the cushion. I'd love it to be a box pillow with welting, but I don't have the sewing skills for that and I'm pretty sure it would cost a mint to have it done professionally, given it's size (18"x60"!!)  So it will be a simple knife edge.  I do need to put a zipper in though or it will be impossible to get the pillow in!  I will make an inner muslin pillow so that the stuffing doesn't touch the needlepoint.


Sara Leigh said...

I find this fascinating. It's something I would never attempt, but I'm loving what you're doing.

Beth in IL said...

It looks fabulous! I love the idea but my cat would think I made it for him.

Didi-beadwork said...

what a great use for lots of needlepoint pieces. love how you have put them together and iam sure the knife edge cushion will be fine.