Thursday, May 13, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace Progress #6

I have been working on Queen Anne's Lace quite a bit this week. I am determined to finish it! As you can see, I've made some serious progress. I replaced the rust colored Neon Rays that couched the center cross Jessicas and the outside corner Jessicas with an aqua Fyre Werks and I like that much better. I just have to finish the rust Leviathan variations on all 4 sides; this is not the stitch that was intended for this area. There are supposed to be some more Jessicas outside of that, but I have decided to omit them. Next I will add beads, probably, in the rectangular Jessicas in the center diamond. There is still some background to do inside the big square, but I haven't decided what I want to do, or what thread to use! But I'm pleased that I'm so close! Oh yeah, I still have 2 Crescents to do. I'll get the thread for that on Saturday.

Just a reminder of what Ro's original looks like:


Anonymous said...

This is looking great! You should be done in just a few days. I like the colors you've chosen and the various areas all work well together.

Kelly said...

Your colors are great!! I looked at this piece for the ANG seminar. I did not care for Ro's colors and it did not mention alternate colors so I did not select this class.

BFromM said...

This is gorgeous. I really like the change that you made to the center ribbons, to remove the rust. The center really pops now