Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vegas Nights, Progress #3

I have been working on Vegas Nights again. I had a problem finding appropriate threads for awhile, it is really hard to find "light red" that is NOT pink! Anyhow.... I am nearly finished with the shiny parts! So far I have used Fyre Werks (black & silver), Neon Rays Plus (red), YLI Silk Ribbon (lightest shade, sort of a salmon) and all the rest of the reds are Neon Rays. There are just a few more rows of Neon Rays to go in and the rest will mostly be Silk & Ivory, as is the black border.

When I photographed it this morning, I was surprised at how much is done! Now I am inspired to finish it!


Anonymous said...

This is looking really good! And it won't take you long to get it finished. Are you going to do more than one colorway for this design?

Possibilities, Etc. said...

This is great!! You are either very patient or you enjoy suffering. I would use DMC Satin Floss, myself - Neon Rays makes me crazy. This design is, as usual, very clever and awfully pretty. It has an "excitement" about it.