Monday, December 13, 2010

Chilly Hollow Rebuilds

As I was unable to open the Chilly Hollow blog this morning, I emailed Jane.  It turns out that she was hacked & her blog was deleted!  Fortunately she had backups (I didn't know you could do that but will be looking into it).  She cannot use her old blog address.  The new one is:   It will take her a few days to get everything back to normal.  OMG, what a tragedy!  Good luck to Jane restoring her info.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the support, Liz. You can make backups of your postings the same way I do as you use Blogger also. Go into your Dashboard and then click on Settings. At the top you'll see export and import buttons. Click on export and Blogger will download a copy of your current blog postings as a file. I do this once a month but will probably do it weekly now. If you lose your blog, you can go to the above site and choose Import and then choose the backup file and it will return the postings. You'll still have to reload any special items like a header photo, your blog title, blog lists, etc. again as they aren't kept in the backup file.

For me it's about 4 hours' work but half of that is because I have so many special items on the right side of my blog page. Still, it is worth it because I have so many blog postings and so many visitors.

Blogger may restore Blog. We'll see. They are inundated with requests now. They are saying it isn't a hack but a bug.