Thursday, December 30, 2010

Xanadu by Jim Wurth

 Hello again!  Happy New Year, almost!  We are still in Reno, but I have a little time today so wanted to begin catching up.
The ANG Chapter in Las Vegas is doing Jim Wurth's Xanadu as a group project and I have just started it.  This pattern appeared in NeedlePointers, July 2009 issue.
I chose my colors starting with Frosty Rays Y357 and #8 & #12 Kreinik Braid #4005.  I added Neon Rays N92, Neon Rays Plus NP92, FyreWerks FT33 and #12 & #8 DMC Perle Cotton #3033.  I should have had Petite Frosty Rays, but the color I wanted didn't come in Petite.  The Petite would have been easier to use on the 18-count canvas (Eggshell), but I like the way it looks as is.  DH said he'd never seen me work so hard to pull a thread through the canvas!

I have a good start and it is looking really pretty.  This pattern is fun to stitch & goes fairly quickly.  It is not too big, finished size is about 5" square.  I think it will make a really pretty box top.  It is waaaaay sparkly in person!


Anonymous said...

I think your colors are looking very good! Maybe you could sneak in a touch of very light aqua somewhere. That would add a little bit of something different. I know it will look great as is, so continue on.

Unknown said...

Hi, I cannot seem to find a Krenik braid #4005. What color is it, and where did you find it? Is it a color that you have had around for awhile? Sandi

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Exciting news as I want to stitch Xanadu but find the charts totally confusing. Now I have a stitch buddy to ask questions of!

Your version looks very pretty, by the way.

LIZ said...

Sandi: Kreinik #4005 is a discontinued color. It is one of my favorites, so when I heard it was being discontinued I bought up a whole bunch of it!!! You may be able to find it in a store somewhere. I have seen it still in some stores.
And CH: Happy to help interpreting the charts! So far I haven't had any problems.

yenulka said...

this pattern is beautiful and your color choice is great :)

is this possible to buy this pattern somewhere?

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Liz. Reading through the instructions I was stumped by a few diagrams but I don't do many charted projects.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful design! I too am interested in where I could buy the pattern please? Thanks.