Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mediterranean Tile FINISHED!!

Mediterranean Tile is finished!!  At last!  I put in the last bead on Saturday.  I used Magnifica Glass Beads, copper in the center section and dark teal in the outer section.

You may recall that to begin with Jan of Thread Medley and I were stitching this at the same time.  But she finished hers quite a while ago and I got set back with publishing patterns on my website, among other things.  Anyway, Jan will repost the picture of her finished Mediterranean Tile so you can compare.  Thanks Jan!  It is so interesting to see the same design done 2 different ways.


Anonymous said...

I love your colors and the way this turned out. I'm glad I learned the overlay technique, but it's nice to see that is can be done on just the one canvas too. This has been fun doing the same canvas at the same time. What could we do next?

Sara Leigh said...

In the two-dimensional world of the Internet, it's hard perceive the added depth that the overlay produces. Both pieces are beautiful; I like the monochromatic look but also the use of a second color on the overlay of Jan's. I probably wouldn't use the overlay technique, but I might choose to evoke it via a second color. Brava, ladies!

Anonymous said...

They are both lovely, intricate and lacy and full of entertainment for the eye.