Friday, July 22, 2011

Stars For A New Millenium, Progress #3

I worked on Stars all day yesterday and finished Vivien Leigh!  I think she is as pretty as her namesake!  The center turned out so pretty with a base of Flair topped with a wool twisted cross thingy.  Every square, I think something isn't going to work and it always does!  I guess that is why this project has had such a long run!  Tony must be very proud of this design.

I also got started on the Sashing, choosing a darker shade than I thought I would.  I tried a couple of things & settled on this one.  Here is the whole thing to date:
Be sure to check out Jan's version as we are working this together, well as together as you can be over 500 miles apart!  I think Jan is actually way ahead of me but we take pictures as we go so we can post at the same time.


Donna said...

I think the same thoughts when stitching on Stars. I'm sure something isn't going to work and then it does. And that's why I refer to Tony as the evil genius!

Love your Tiffany blue colors! I may borrow your color palette for another project someday.

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful Liz! I really like the color you've selected for the sashing.

Oriana said...

I like so much your versione. The colors are very very nice.
oriana from Italy