Monday, January 23, 2012

Atlantis Rising by Ro Pace

For some time now I have been working on a pilot for Ro Pace, Atlantis Rising.  Ro will be teaching this piece at Seminar this year.  She has given me permission now to post about it.  I will go back in time & show you the progress photos, one at a time!  Hopefully to keep you interested & enthusiastic about taking this class!  It is a large and very challenging piece!
This is progress photo #1.  The prework is completed and the first section (mostly Bargello) is begun.  Ro allowed her pilot stitchers to change colors and I changed them slightly, but not significantly.  The main changes I made was to use 18-count aquamarine canvas, rather than white or off-white congress cloth and from a kind of rosy color that Ro used for contrast, to a copper.

This piece has a lot of Bargello, you can see from the photo I think the large section of Bargello I have begun.  Then there are many other stitches used in all the other sections, which are fun to explore and will result in an exciting piece!

Stay tuned, I'll post another photo next week.


BFromM said...

Oooooo. It's going to be very exciting watching this. I started drooling over the design when I saw the picture of it from the preview pictures. Maybe I can figure out how to go to Philadelphia!

Sara Leigh said...

I helped another pilot stitcher with her alternative colorway. I'll have to see how she's coming along. It's a very interesting piece.

Edy said...

Kudos to Ro and you for this gorgeous piece. Perhaps I will be able to get to Seminar this year.