Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Molehill to Mountain

Yes, I am doing From Molehill to Mountain (FMTM) by Pamela Gardner, through Scarlet Thread.  I am using pretty much the same colors I did for Stars For a New Millenium, except I am not using the off-whites and have chosen kind of a khaki color for my accent color.
The first block has taken me forever.  First I had about half ot the basting done & discovered I had it turned the wrong way.  Out came the basting & back in. Once I started the block, I was goin' good & discovered I was one thread off from the basted square.  Well, I just ripped out that basting thread again, only this time I didn't put it back in!  I'll just count from one square to the next.
This is my first block.  I followed most of Pam's suggestions for the color placement, except:  I used the dark brown instead of the teal for the outlining on the pinwheel.  And the "color" in the 8 small squares was supposed to be my darkest accent color.  Well, my darkest khaki was too light, it was about the same "value" as the brown.  Not a good look!  Since there isn't a darker khaki in that family, I ended up using a Fyre Werks Soft Sheen.  It doesn't seem to be much darker than the floss, but it appears darker when stitched!  Finally, I'm happy with it.


Donna said...

Lovely! What is the overdye that you're using?

Nancy L said...

Such beautifully smooth tension - you set a wonderful example!