Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 SOTM May

This week I completed the May section of this year's SOTM.  It is a pretty pattern, but the compensation was not nice!  This whole project has been a lesson in compensation so far!  I can't help but wonder if the designer's actually stitched this!
I did go ahead and attach the beads.  I hate it when I think I'm finished & then have to go back & add the beads! 
I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to outline the sections.  My basted outline stitches show quite a bit since there is a lot of open canvas.  I am very glad I didn't try to draw this onto the canvas because the pencil or pen lines would all still be evident!
Here is the whole thing so far:


Sara Leigh said...

Liz, you make me laugh. You're saying all the things I would say were I doing this as a heart. I will probably use a metallic and do some kind of small stitch instead of beads, which I'm not fond of. As it is, I haven't done anything since the February stitch because life keeps interfering with my experimentation. Perhaps I'll take it with me to my stitching group this morning. I'm just playing with the threads for the stitches still, so it's not as demanding as making it fit into a particular space. I do have the germ of an idea for how I'm going to put it all together now.

Agata said...

to be honest I think very same, I'm not impresed at all with this year project... Glad I decided to use my own colours and congress instead of monocanvas. If you like you very welcome to visit and check our versions.