Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jason & Monica, The Beginning

Our dear friends are getting married!  We have known Jason for at least 10 years & Monica since they have been together, 5 years maybe.  I have begun their wedding gift!  The wedding is the end of June, so I have to concentrate on this project above all others till it is done.
The design of their names was created with Wordles.  Do you know it?  http://www.wordle.net   It's really cool! 
Anyway, I have used Neon Rays Plus and FyreWerks for the names.  The canvas is that darkish blue, I think it is called Leventine Blue.  The first border is started, with Watercolours, and it will be filled in with pearl cotton, I think.  There will be 2 more borders, working towards the center.  Then I'll have to decide what to do next!  I am using part of the June Moes pattern that I used for the box we gave them for Xmas (see below).  This will go into a Sudberry House tray to coordinate with the box.

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