Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daphne Reborn

Daphne Reborn is being taught as a cyberclass by Michael Boren and Carole Lake, through the Shining Needle Society.

I chose the basic colorway, although there were many pretty ones offered.  I like this one and I already had most of the threads in my stash, so I only had to buy the pattern and a couple of threads.

This class started May 1st.  I don't know where I've been not to have posted about it before this!  This is the first progress photo I took showing the center square completed.

Tuesday night, I worked on this and have it all done but the border.  I really like the way it looks!  I think the only thread I have changed is the metallic.  I have stuck with gold.  This is going to look great in our Master Bedroom in the Reno house!


Donna said...

Looks wonderful. I took Arabella Reborn with Michael and now I'm wondering why didn't I sign up for Daphne???

Z said...

Yum - those colours look wonderful.

Jan said...

Love the soft colors of this one and the design is great! Can't wait to see the border.

Agata said...

its beautiful! I love those colours, pastels are my favourites. And central motiv looks amazing!