Monday, July 16, 2012

Illusions by Ro Pace

Ro Pace will be teaching "Illusions" at the ANG Seminar this year in Philadelphia.  I am one of her pilot stitchers. 
The picture to the right is Ro's version.  All of the pilot group have chosen other color schemes, but this is the one she will be using at Seminar.

I am using a blue & green.  Below is my progress to date.  I have just about completed one quarter.  I want to finish this section of border, I have another couple of rows to do, and then I can calculate my thread useage for Ro.
This is a pretty, delicate project.


Jan said...

I really like this pattern! And I love your colors too. How big is this overall? Seems smaller than some of Ro's designs.

LIZ said...

Thanks Jan. Yes, it is smaller than the usual Ro design. It is about 14" square.