Monday, February 11, 2013

Illusions, Progress #2

Next up to get finished is Illusions by Ro Pace.  You last saw this piece in July of last year!  I was piloting this piece along with several other stitchers here in Las Vegas.  We managed to get one quarter finished before Ro was to teach it at Seminar2012.  Since then I have only worked on it a time or two.
This past week I completed the border, which goes pretty fast once you get in the rhythm.  Next I will be working the various sections.  I will work a particular section in each quarter before moving on to the next section.  I had already completed the center "cross" and the squares in its corners.
Yesterday I did the diamond shapes that are kind of the points of the center cross.  Now I see that the diamond I had done in the first quarter is located one thread off from the other 3.  Although that one is the correct one, I will change that one to match the others.  Rather take out one than 3!!!

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