Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nature-Sea, Finished

Nature-Sea is finally completely finished.  I remembered how to attach the shell!  The first time I did this, about 30 years ago, the shell I had was much flatter.  Flatter is easier to attach!  But I finally got it done.  It's a great weight off :-) !!

Next challenge was to see if it would work in one of Sudberry House's Crown Plates.  I knew the size would be right because I designed it that way, but I wasn't at all sure I would be able to mount it properly to fit.

Because of the shell, I could not use the glass. 
Problem:  I couldn't get the glass out of the frame!  Called DH in and we ended up taking it outside and breaking the glass.  Just couldn't get it out.  I don't know if all the Crown Plates are like that or if I just had a difficult one!

Anyway, here it is, all mounted in the Crown Plate frame.  And it is already gone!  This was a Christmas present for a dear friend and he happened to stop by yesterday.  So off it went to it's new home.  I did get pictures though!
UPDATE:  Sudberry House says: 
"Sorry you had trouble getting the glass out. It should come right out, but a few of them have been rather snug fitting."


Beth in IL said...

Very nice finish and some pretty colors.

Kareen from Iowa said...

Liz - When you need just a bit more space between the top surface of your work and the glass, you might want to consider using what framers calls spacers. These are 1/4 inch clear plastic square rods which come in 8 foot lengths. When you put them on top of your mounting mat, they give an extra quarter inch of space up to the glass. I think you could use more than one of these on top of another, but I would get some advice from a professional on how to do that.
Kareen from Iowa

LIZ said...

Thanks Kareen, I'll keep that in mind.