Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Puzzle Piece, Progress #3

While we were in Reno, I worked on my Puzzle Piece.  I have completed 4 sections in
addition to the large Bargello section.  After the first two sections, I decided not to follow the order of the sections as written in Jean Hilton's instructions.  Instead, I spent a couple of hours with the book choosing stitches for my piece according to the size of the various sections to be stitched.  So now I have sort of a roadmap to follow.  It isn't set in concrete and I still have to decide which threads to use in which sections.  But at least I have a starting point!


Sara Leigh said...

Isn't that part of the beauty of this piece, that you sort of decide where you're going and how you get there with the pieces that Jean provided? I like your colors, and your starting point is beautiful.

Beth in IL said...

Love how yours is looking. Need to finish a few things before I can get mine out.

Jan said...

Looking forward to seeing your vision on this piece. It could be quite a challenge, but you'll do great - as we can already see in your center section in the photo!