Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Marta Mask, Progress #6

DH was out of town this past weekend, so out came the Marta Mask.  I spent the better part of an afternoon deciding on a stitch to use for the "feathers".  I found this one, called Katie's Cross, on my Suzy's Stitches app.  (I love having stitch books on my iPad & iPhone!).  It is worked in shades of gray #8 pearl cotton with Neon Rays Plus accents.
Once I completed one feather, I realized that it was time to get some cording.  I want to do the black & silver edging around the feathers with black purchased cording and couch it with silver.

I took Marta with me, thank goodness!  I thought I would want a 3/8" twisted cord, but it was much to "tall", although it covered the areas well.  I had to get 3/16" cord and as you can see below, it doesn't cover well, but it looks right.  I will need to increase the inside of the areas. 
In the pic, the cord is just laid on the canvas, I haven't started stitching it down yet.  I'm hoping that I can force the ends through the canvas & secure on the back.  I will probably tack it down with black sewing thread and then couch it with silver FyreWerks or Kreinik metallic ribbon.  If any of you have any ideas about all this - I'm open for suggestions!


Unknown said...

Some folk use wooden laying tool tips to push their holes larger before plunging their ends down. I use use my scissors tip. Other folks use lassos. This will explain how--

At least I hope it will eventually. The site is down right now. I think your Marta looks great!

Ruth said...

Beautiful -- absolutely beautiful !!!!!!

Sandy said...

I love your mask, have two of them myself in my stash. I think one might make an appearance as soon as I finish up one of my current projects. Might be back at a future date asking you questions about the stitches you used :) I love all your wonderful bloggers!!