Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Threads

Last weekend we went to San Diego and part of the trip was a visit to Needle Nook of La Jolla! 
Above is a quick pic of the threads I got there.  They are all Painter's Threads.  The 3 skeins on the right are (top) #5 Pearl Cotton and two #8 Pearl Cotton.  I didn't know they made that and the colors are scrumptious!  So I had to have some (ahem) samples.
All the rest is the Ribbon Floss Shimmer.  I used some of that in the last Bloomin' Bargello I did and it was so gorgeous I wanted to get a selection of colors.  There are a few more colors, but they weren't anything I thought I could use.  They have apparently changed their packaging so the threads are in little cellophane bags, which is nice because it protects the thread. 
I am anxious to use some of these beauties!


Sara Leigh said...

Lovely selection! I picked up some Painter's Threads recently too. I had also used the Shimmer before and loved the effect, so I got some more. I decided to try the Floche and Gimp as well. Can't wait to get at them. Aren't new threads delightful?

Sandy said...

I need to made a trip down to San Diego, maybe we'll go for my birthday when I can have a guilt free time :) I love the colors you have gotten, can't wait to see you use some of them in one of your projects.